Pulled Pork


I adapted this recipe from a FB Slow Cooker group that I’m in.  I have to say that I was a bit disappointed in it and I won’t be making it again.

Serves 2

9pp per serving/1pp per serving on F&H

500g Lean Pork Shoulder Joint (15)

50ml Worcestershire Sauce (1)

1 tsp Mustard Powder (0)

500g Passata (0)

6 tsp Balsamic Vinegar (1)

2 Cloves Garlic (0)

6 tsps Sweetener (0)

Salt and Pepper

Remove fat from pork and stab it (the pork not the fat) all over with a skewer and put in the slow cooker.

Mix all other ingredients together and pour over pork.

Cook on high for 2 hours and then on low for 6 hours.

Remove pork from slow cooker and pull apart with forks, return to slow cooker, stir and turn heat to high for half hour to thicken sauce.


Slow Cooker Pork

Slow Cooker Pork

Serves 3

7pp per serving

3 x Pork Loin Steak (16)

1 x Tin Condensed Low Fat Mushroom Soup (4)

1 x Onion, Diced (0)

Mushrooms (0)

2 x Peppers, Diced (0)

1 x Chicken Stock Cube (0)

Add everything to the slow cooker along with 50ml water.

Cook on high for 4 hours.

Serve with rice or potatoes and vegetables of choice.

Chinese Style Pork Fillet with Fried Rice

Chinese Style Pork Fillet with Fried Rice

I got this recipe from here.

Serves 2

12pp per serving/3pp on F&H

180g Pork Medallions (4)

250g Tesco Wholegrain Microwave Rice (10)(use “normal” brown rice on F&H)

Light Soy Sauce (0)

1 tsp Chinese Five Spice (0)

2 tbsp Honey (3)

1 tbsp Cornflour (2)

1 Egg (2)

80g Garden Peas (2)

6 Spring Onions (0)

Mix the pork medallions with the soy sauce and five-spice; leave to marinate for 5 mins.

Heat a large non-stick pan, then fry the pork for 2-3 mins on each side until cooked through.

Pour in 150ml boiling water with the honey and bubble for 2 mins.

Mix the cornflour with a little water, stir into the sauce and cook until it thickens and is glossy.

Meanwhile, make the fried rice. Pour the egg into a non-stick frying pan to make an omelette, cooking for 2 mins on each side.

Remove, roll up, and cut into thin strips.

Add the rice to the pan with the peas and stir-fry for 3-5 mins until piping hot, then gently stir through the omelette with the spring onions and seasoning and cook for 1 min.

Serve with the pork and a dash more soy sauce.

Pork Loin Steak with Mash and Mustard Sauce

Pork Loin with Mash and Mustard Sauce

I got this recipe from here.

Serves 2

13pp per serving/Free on Filling and Healthy

2 Medium Pork Loin Steaks (13pp)

1 Onion (opp)

2 Cloves Garlic (opp)

1 Heaped tsp Wholegrain Mustard (0pp)

100g Mushrooms, Sliced (0pp)

150g Quark (3pp)

Fresh Tarragon (0pp)

400g Potatoes (9pp)

3 tbsp Skimmed Milk (0pp)

2 tsps Healthy Oil/Fry light (0pp)

Grill the pork loin steak.
Boil the potatoes and mash with the skimmed milk.
Heat 2 tsps oil (if pointing use fry light), add the onion and mushrooms and soften, then add the garlic.
Follow with the wholegrain mustard, quark & tarragon.
Serve with the mashed potato, pork and vegetables of choice.

Daily Menu – Sunday

I made the Tangy Tomato Pork Chops today from a friends page, I guess my chops were heavier as the pp came to 11 – which is still great.  It was nice but I’d probably make it with pork steaks next time, I don’t mind fishing the bones out but my son does.

Found a new lunch too, I spread the cheese on the wrap, put some sweet chilli chicken chunks on it and drizzled some sweet chilli sauce on it.  Rolled it and then blitzed it in the microwave for a minute mmmmm delicious.

I’m also excited for next weeks WI already lol  Got on the scales this morning and saw the next stone bracket 😀  Didn’t think I would EVER see that again – talking about 15-18 years since I’ve seen them!

Breakfast – 2 WW Wholemeal Thick Sliced Bread toasted with spread = 6pp

Lunch – Sweet Chilli Chicken Chunks with LowLow Red Pepper and Chilli Cheese Spread on WW Wrap with Salad, Mayo and Sweet Chilli Sauce= 9pp

Dinner – Tangy Tomato Pork Chops with Rice followed by Yoghurt = 15pp

Snacks – Fruit


Barbecue Pulled Pork


I’ve adapted this slightly for WW.  It’s a great recipe to do as it is cooked in the slow cooker, so very easy and only 1 pot to wash up!

Serves 2/3

11pp per serving (2),  8pp per serving (3)

1 Onion, diced

180ml Diet Coke

180ml Tomato Ketchup

20ml Worcestershire Sauce

4 tbs Tomato Puree

450g Pork Shoulder Joint

Black pepper


Add Onion, Coke, Ketchup, Worcestershire Sauce, Tomato Puree, Pepper and Salt to slow cooker and mix well.

Add pork and turn to coat well with the sauce.

Cook on low for 8-10 hours.

Remove Pork.

Turn slow cooker on high to heat and thicken sauce.

Using 2 forks, shred pork.

Return the pork to slow cooker and toss with the sauce.

Serve with bread roll or potatoes (need to pp) and salad.