This blog is about my Weight Watchers journey.  I started WW 9th January 2012 as due to health problems I had no choice but to lose weight.  I was initially referred to weight management with a view to having bariatric surgery and after reading about it, I discovered that I would have to show them that I was serious about losing weight and so after many years of trying many diets and failing at all of them, I decided to give WW one last go.

I will be recording my thoughts, my menu’s, recipes and weight loss.  Although I am doing this for myself, so that when I finally reach goal I will have a record of my journey to look back at, if it helps anyone else with ideas for meals then that is good too.  Don’t expect cordon bleu meals though, I am not a great cook and will always use a short cut if there is one!

I am in the process of going back through all the recipes and colour coding them for F&H.  Any item in green is F&H.  



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