Daily Menu – Friday

Friday Meals 2


Can’t believe another week has gone – going way too fast!  WI day tomorrow and I think unless something drastic happens overnight I’m going to be very happy! 🙂

I had an appt at the bank this morning and the British Heart Foundation had a stall with home made cakes on which you could buy for a donation.  So I bought the two in the picture.  I’ve given the chocolate one to my son and I’m having the pink one tomorrow – no idea of the pps but I’m guessing around 6-8pp????

I know I’ve not used a lot of pps today – it hasn’t been intentional!  Just one of those things confused

The plumber finally finished the leak this morning – still had problems though and had to go again to get a different piece rolleyes but fingers crossed it’s all done now!

Breakfast – OSS Original (3), Skimmed Milk (1) = 4pp

Dinner – Vegetable Soup (0), 5 x Jacob’s Choice Grain Crackers (4), 30g Light Philadelphia with Garlic and Herb (1) = 5pp

Tea – 1 Chicken Breast (4), 100g New Potatoes (2), Nando’s BBQ Peri Peri Rub (1), Red Onion (0), Pepper (0), Cucumber (0), Shredded Lettuce (0). 1 tbsp Kraft Light Herb & Garlic Dressing (0), 150g Ambrosia Low Fat Ready Made Custard (3) = 10pp

Drinks – 3 x Coffee, at least 1.5 litres of water 

19/26pp + 0/49wp (Total of  20/49wp used)


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