Daily Menu – Thursday

Thursday Meals 2

The end of this week can’t come quick enough!  Nothing has gone to plan and that includes my meal plan!  So far I have only had one tea that was planned – that was yesterdays – and I was supposed to have had that on Tuesday neutral.

I know the picture shows soup with the crackers – but I didn’t have any soup today as I had a plumber trying to fix a leak under my kitchen sink for 2 hours!  He still hasn’t done it – coming back in the morning rolleyes and although he has done a temporary fix that allows me to at least wash the dishes – I can’t use my washing machine sad.  I had the crackers while he had nipped out to get another set of pipes that he hoped would fix it – unfortunately they didn’t and I didn’t have enough time to heat the soup and eat that too before he came back and by the time he had “finished” it was too late to have anything else.

It’s been quite a stressful week but I’m proud to say that I have managed to stay on track 🙂

Breakfast – OSS Original (3), Skimmed Milk (1) = 4pp

Dinner – 5 x Jacob’s Choice Grain Crackers (4), 30g Light Philadelphia with Garlic and Herb (1) = 5pp

Tea – Chicken Stir Fry (4), 60g Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli and Garlic Stir Fry Sauce (2), 150g Amoy Straight to Wok Medium Noodles (6), 150g Ambrosia Low Fat Ready Made Custard (3) = 15pp

Drinks – 2 x Coffee, at least 1.5 litres of water

24/26pp + 0/49wp (Total of 20/49wp used)


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