Daily Menu – Saturday

Saturday Meals 2

Well something did happen overnight – and it wasn’t good! lol  I ended up with a small gain – 0.25lb neutral I know that I will lose it eventually, but it probably won’t be next week – it’s my Mums birthday tomorrow and so we had a Chinese tonight 🙂

I have a healthy BMI and so I could actually change my WW goal and be at goal now, however I am at the top end of the BMI and so would like to lose a few more lbs so that it gives me a bit of a leeway.  I am happy with my weight, I feel good about myself and that is the main thing.  I am intending on eating this way (The WW way not the Chinese Takeaway way obviously 🙂 – although I will still have the occasional Chinese) for the rest of my life so it doesn’t really matter when (if) I lose the last 8.25lbs as it won’t make any difference to me (apart from getting fish, chips and curry sauce from the best chippy in my home town on the momentous occasion 😀 ) .

I was intending on trying 3 new food things this week, that other people had mentioned – but unfortunately Asda and Morrisons didn’t have 1 of them, so I only bought 2 of them:

  1. Lowlow Beef Hotpot (also bought Lowlow Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodles)
  2. Choc Shot

I haven’t tried the Choc Shot yet – that will come on Monday when I drizzle some on my OSS (1 tsp = 0pp) 🙂 I tried the Beef Hotpot and although it was nice enough I have to say that I prefer the WW or NuMe Beef Hotpot.  

I’m aware that I’ve probably under pointed my tea but as someone who doesn’t eat all her weeklies I’m not too concerned as I know I have more than enough to cover it.

Breakfast – 2 x WW Wholemeal Thick Sliced Bread, toasted (4), 20g Flora Lighter than Light (1) = 5pp

Dinner – Kerry Lowlow Beef Hotpot (6), 1 x WW Bakewell Slice (2) = 8pp

Tea – Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice (25 approx) = 25pp

Drinks – 3 x Coffee, 1 x Frothy Milky Coffee (2), at least 1 litre of water = 2pp

26/26pp + 14/49wp (Total 14/49wp used)


3 thoughts on “Daily Menu – Saturday

  1. I love your fridge magnets! It seems like such a great idea for motivation! Did you make it yourself?

  2. Thank you, they’re actually plaques that I hang on the “sweet cupboard” in the kitchen – constant reminder of how far I’ve come and makes me think twice about helping myself to what’s inside it 🙂 lol No I bought them from ebay – just search “weightloss plaques” and you’ll find a vast array of them.

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