Simple Start – Day 3

Monday Meals 1

Still enjoying Simple Start, although I was hungry this afternoon, but that was my fault.  I usually have soup, crackers and cheese for my dinner, but forgot that I couldn’t have the crackers so all I have in are crabsticks! It also might have something to do with my pain killers too as I tend to feel more hungry when I have those and I needed them today. Thankfully I also have a bucket load of satsumas so I had a few more of those than I would normally have.  This will probably be the case for the rest of the week as I refuse to go food shopping more than once a week!  Think maybe a skinny latte will help 🙂

I still hadn’t heard from my GPs today so I rang them and booked a telephone consultation with the nurse.  She rang me back and apologised for not getting back to me.  She’s wrote a prescription for me and it will be ready for me to collect tomorrow.  I need to take the Vitamin D daily for 15 days and then once a week for at least 6 months when I will have my bloods repeated.

Breakfast – 2 x Nimble Wholemeal Sliced Bread, toasted, Marmite

Snack – Satsumas

Dinner – HM Vegetable Soup, Crabsticks

Snack – Satsumas

Tea – Cottage Pie, Sweetcorn

Snack – Pineapple and Red Grapes

Treat – 150g Ready Made Low Fat Custard

Drinks – 3 x Coffee, at least 2 litres of water


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