Daily Menu – Tuesday

Day 1 of stocktaking day today and that can only mean:

Stocktaking Extras

Goodies to see us through! redface  This week is going to be the first time in my journey that I will go into minus weeklies! lol  My excuse is that I needed to take pain killers for my back – and I couldn’t take them on an empty stomach lol.  Such a difference from last year.  Last year I was too scared to eat goodies as I felt that it could derail me, that it would be the slippery slope into going completely off track and putting back all the weight (72lbs) that I had worked hard to lose.  I ate 1 mince pie on each of the 2 stock taking days that I had already planned into my pps and didn’t touch the chocolates and boiled sweets that were also available.  

Now I feel a lot more in control.  I know that nothing will stop me from getting to goal.  I know that I will put on weight over the next 3 weeks, but come the 2nd January 2014 I will be back on the wagon and I will lose that weight plus the 10lbs that I currently have to lose to get to goal.

Tuesday Meals 3

Tea was courtesy of my son.  I was in too much pain with my back and so my son made it.  Thankfully we’ve done the majority of the work today so hopefully my back should be OK tomorrow, but just in case I’ll be doing a slow cooker meal 🙂

Breakfast – OSS (3), Skimmed Milk (2) = 5pp

Snack – 1 x Co-op Chocolate Caramel Shortcake Bite (2), 1 x Co-op Chocolate Crispy Bite (1) = 3pp

Dinner – Spicy Tomato and Red Pepper Soup (0), 5 x Jacob’s Choice Grain Crackers (4), 2 x Laughing Cow Light with Emmental (1) = 5pp

Snack – 1 x Co-op Chocolate Caramel Shortcake Bite (2), 1 x Tesco Shortbread (3) = 5pp

Tea – Tortilla Bake (11), 120g Ambrosia Original Rice Pot (3) = 14pp

Snack – Pineapple and Red Grapes 

Drinks – 2 x Coffee, at least 2 litres of water 

26/26pp + 6/49wp (Total 18/49wp used)


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