Daily Menu – Monday

Monday Meals 3

Well I managed to save 2 weeklies as I didn’t have my hot chocolate yesterday lol  So I’ve “only” used 12/49wp neutral

Tomorrow and Wednesday is the annual stock take at work, I’m hoping that my back will be OK for it, just have to make sure I take my pain killers with me.  The good thing about the stock take is that we get to listen to a radio while we work – yayyyyy 🙂 Hopefully the staff will take notice of the sign that we’ve put up saying that we are closed – last year they kept coming in saying “I know you’re closed but….”  but nothing!!!  We are closed!!!  Go away and come back when we are open! rolleyes

Breakfast – OSS (3), Skimmed Milk (2) = 5pp

Snack – Satsumas

Dinner – Spicy Tomato and Red Pepper Soup (0), 5 x Jacob’s Choice Grain Crackers (4), 2 x Laughing Cow Light with Emmental (1) = 5pp

Dinner – Gammon Grill Steak (4), 100g McCain Lightly Spiced Wedges (5), 1 x Dry Fried Egg (2), 120g Ambrosia Original Rice Pot (3) = 14pp

Snack – Pineapple and Red Grapes 

Drinks – 2 x Coffee, at least 2 litres of water 

24/26pp + 0/49wp (Total 12/49wp used)


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