Daily Menu – Monday

Monday Meals 2

The results are in and I have osteoporosis.  It was kinda expected but it’s still something that I have to come to terms with.  I could, potentially, have another 40 years of being in pain, which isn’t good but at least I know for certain now why I have been in so much pain.  I’ve got to have a blood test to check for calcium and vitamin D levels, but other than that there isn’t any other treatment, well there is but seeing as I’m not over 60, don’t weigh less than 7 stone and don’t have a family history of hip fracture then I don’t fall in the high risk category.  If the blood levels are low then I will need to take calcium and vitamin D supplements, along with the pain killers (which he has agreed to put on repeat prescription) which I can live with.

Breakfast – OSS (3), Semi Skimmed Milk (2) = 5pp

Snack – Satsumas

Dinner – Spicy Tomato and Red Pepper Soup (0), 5 x Jacob’s Choice Grain Crackers (4), 2 x Laughing Cow Light Triangles with Emmental (1) = 5pp

Tea – 170g Slow Cooked Gammon in Diet Coke (5), 1/2 tin Barbecue Beans (4), 1 Dry Fried Egg (2), 5 x Potato Crunchies (2), 170g Chobani Fat Free Yoghurt with Raspberry (3) = 16pp

Snack – Pineapple and Red Grapes

Drinks – 4 x Coffee, at least 1 litre of water

26/26pp + 0/49wp (Total of 8/49wp used)


2 thoughts on “Daily Menu – Monday

  1. Aww I’m sorry hun, Not nice but at least you have a diagnosis! Maybe google herbal remedies, you never know there could be some that actually work! 😉 Xxxx

    • Well I knew it was coming one day, with my mum having it and I already had the precursor to it, was just expecting it to be at least another 10 years or more. At least it’ll give me added incentive to keep the weight off now though – can’t be doing with extra weight putting added pressure onto the thin bones. Thanks might just do that. 🙂

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